Top 10 Activities for Kids That are Hooked to their Phones

Try Martial Arts

Amherst Pride Academy

It gets better: martial arts is one the best exercises for kids. Why? Because it can help youngsters work on important things like focus, flexibility, trust, and self-control. As if that wasn’t enough, it can also work wonders for families with kids who have ADHD. Also, martial arts is a great way for your child to practice coordination, core work, and stability. Not to mention staying cool under tension. We can’t emphasize this enough: find the right martial arts school!


Give Rock Climbing a Shot

Mommy Nearest

Did you know that rock climbers are super strong? That’s because they’re toughening up their core, as well as the muscles in their legs and arms. You’re also working on your strategic thinking while you’re on the rock wall, constantly planning the next step. If you want your kids to learn how to beat obstacles while breaking a sweat, then a rock climbing gym might be the perfect place. They’ll absolutely love getting their hands dirty on the rock wall!

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