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3 Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Organization

As a mom, I know that having kids is a messy affair. You never know when you’ll find a stain where you’d least expect it. So, use these Tips to Reduce Stress.

3 Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Organization

I’ve struggled to find a permanent solution to keep things clean, but one of the biggest ways I’ve reduced my stress is by organizing. Here are 3 tips I’ve used to reduce stress in my daily life.

1. Put a trash can or trash bag in your car

One area of my day to day life that never seemed to stay clean was my car. Even when my kids listened to me and took their trash out of the car, their friends never did. I started putting a specific bag in my car for trash (kept at the front with me). It lets me remind my kids and their friends to hand the trash over before we get out of the car. This has reduced the number of random wrappers and goop I’ve found in my kids’ area of the car. Plus, having a bag in the car is extra helpful if you find yourself in the company of a nauseous kid.

2. Get Specific in the bathroom

My kids always forgot to hang up their towels and close the cap to their toothpaste. After loads of mildewy towels and cleaning toothpaste off the counter of the bathroom sink I decided to get organized. There are several ways to organize your kids’ bathroom. What worked for me was personalizing each towel hook with a glittery letter that corresponded to each child’s first name. I used a labeled silverware organizer in one of their bathroom drawers to create a space for them to put their toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss every morning and night.

3. Always be prepared for sickness

We’ve all been there, suddenly one of our kids gets sick, and then we realize we’re completely out of supplies. The last thing I want to do is run to the store, leaving my sick child at home. About a year ago, I carved out space in my pantry for a set of school supply organizers that I have labeled and ready to go for when my kid gets sick. Knowing that I have everything I might need on hand has helped me to remain calm in an otherwise stressful situation.