7 Ways You Can Actually Make Extra Money This Weekend

Hey momma, wouldn’t you like some extra spending cash? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of reading articles with ideas to make money that just doesn’t work. I don’t have hours to waste answering survey questions for a couple of measly dollars. So, what’s the answer? Here are 7 ways you can actually make extra money this weekend.

Making Money Selling Your Stuff

1. Use Amazon Trade-In to trade in gaming electronics, cell phones, and more for an Amazon gift card.

2. Round up the toys and clothes your kids have outgrown. Bring it to a consignment store like Once Upon a Child for cash on the spot.

3. Finally sell those clothes you don’t wear. ThredUP will send you a bag with a prepaid shipping label. Simply fill it up and drop it in the mail.

4. Sell everything else in a good ole’ fashioned garage sale. Or list it on Facebook Marketplace.

Make Money Parenting

5. Offer to babysit. I know you are already watching your kids. Seriously, it’s like getting paid to host a play date! Advertise for free on Care.

6. Offer homework help. You help your kids every night, so you might as well help other kids too. And, you can use that same account on Care to advertise your tutoring skills too!

7. Watch a fur baby! Dog walking or boarding a puppy overnight is fun for you and your kids. I bet you can guess where to advertise. Yup, Care.

I promise it feels really good to declutter, put your parenting skills to work, and make money at the same time. So, this is the weekend to scour your entire house and get rid of unused items. And, get paid for the parenting skills that you have been honing for free all this time. Now, go Make Extra Money!

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