8 Dimensions of Wellness and Your Holistic Health

Have you heard about the 8 dimensions of wellness? As the idea of wellness becomes more and more popular, this is an integration and symbol that connects 8 different factors in a never-ending circle. Each factor is important and connects with the other. This circle is ongoing and vital for your holistic health.


This is your physical body. You have to take care of your physical body in order to stay healthy in the present and future. You can do this through nutrition, exercise, and getting adequate sleep. Do everything you can to keep your physical self healthy. Create healthy habits that you can stick to. For instance, find out what physical activity you enjoy doing, and then make a schedule that you’re able to honor. Don’t drink in excess. Don’t pick up smoking, or try to stop. We are only given one body, and we must take care of it.


This is your knowledge. Use your knowledge and mental abilities to make a great life for yourself. Constantly grow your mental health and embrace lifelong learning. Respond positively to any intellectual challenges, and share your knowledge with others. Read, and read often. Living your life to the fullest involves a never-ending urge to learn. Our brain is an incredibly powerful thing!


This refers to your ability to cope and respect your feelings. It also involves respecting others and how they may feel in various situations. Ensure you are able to manage your emotions in constructive ways, never lashing out at others or inwardly at yourself.  People with healthy emotional wellness are able to handle life’s challenges and remain confident. It’s totally okay to talk about your emotions and feelings with others, especially if this helps you feel better.


This is a bit difficult right now, but social wellness involves maintaining healthy relationships in your life. Be a good friend, partner, mother, and human being to others. Don’t be selfish, and understand that relationships are a two-way street. Try to contribute to your community in meaningful ways and participate in everything you’re interested in.


Spiritual wellness relates to whatever your beliefs may be and having strong core values. Don’t try to control the values and beliefs of others. This will bring you inner peace.  This may mean prayer or meditation, or just spending time in nature. Whatever makes you feel more in tune with your spiritual side.


Live your life so that your job can give you passion and meaning. Balance your life at work, and your life at home.  A person can become very addicted to work, try not to fall into this trap.  Be satisfied with what you do, and be proud of your occupation. Don’t pursue a job that will force you to feel shame or regret. You have unique gifts and skills. Try to use these in your vocation.


This just means maintaining your finances so that you can live comfortably. Don’t become burdened with unnecessary debt by purchasing things you don’t need. Create a budget and stick to it. Have a savings account that you can use for emergencies and a safety net. At the same time, enjoy your money and pursue what makes you happy.  Don’t hold on to every penny. If you can afford it, take that trip and make memories. Just make sure you’re not putting yourself in a difficult place financially.

Mastering these 8 dimensions of wellness will create holistic health, and therefore peace.

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