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How to Get a Real Estate License as a Stay-at-Home Mom

If you’ve been thinking about going into real estate as a side-gig to raising your children, we think that’s a great idea!

Real estate is a smart way to turn highly developed mom skills into a profitable side business. You can use your deep understanding of real-world value, home management, and practical lifestyles to match-make local buyers with their ideal homes. You can work close to home, choose your workload, and easily work around your mom-schedule. It’s no wonder women make up over 60% of real estate brokers!

Many stay-at-home moms get a real estate license in their free time, then dive into full-time realty when the kids are grown.

So what does it take to get started in real estate as a stay-at-home mom? Getting a real estate license is a simple online experience.

How to Get a Real Estate License as a Stay-at-Home Mom?

The process for becoming a real estate agent is surprisingly simple to get started. All you need to do is pass an online licensing test after studying hard for the exam. If you enjoy online courses and tests, then this method should be familiar and approachable.

The best way to get ready for your license is to choose an approved real estate licensing school like Here at OnlineMom, we’ve worked with before and we’ve found their process to be extremely mom-friendly. Stay-at-home moms and moms looking to handle everything remotely since the pandemic can both benefit from the straightforward online real estate school.

Even better is that offers the coursework, tons of study material, access to experts for Q&A, and the test itself. Plus a supportive career guide for taking the next steps.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent using

Start With a Real Estate Licensing Study Course

In order to study for your real estate license test, first, you need an approved real estate school. We’ve found that is a rewarding and complete learning experience and we have a special discount code if you decide to sign up with one of their 4 tiers of learning membership.

Choose Your State

Each state in the US has unique requirements for becoming a real estate agent. Other than being 18 years or older with some high school education, each state also defines the number of hours your real estate coursework requires. For example, California requires 135 hours of pre-license education, while Montana requires 70 hours of pre-license learning.

Select Your Learning Package offers 4 tiers of learning package, depending on how you prefer to approach your course of study. Use the code ‘onlinemom30‘ when you sign up for a special discount!

At the basic level for self-learners, you gain access to the coursework and real estate books you need to study independently.

The second tier introduces a cool Pass or Don’t Pay policy for your exam, along with membership in their test prep programs to help you practice and prepare for the real estate licensing test. Test prep is essential because the tests are written with critical thinking and examples, not just what you’ll find in the textbook.

The third and fourth-tiers are for those who want guided learning with the active assistance of a real estate pro on your side. At the highest level, they’ll also send you a printed textbook and a membership for the career development program.

Some states, like Kentucky, also offer a live streaming package for live interactions with a real estate instructor instead of purely self-guided lessons and instructor Q&A.

Take the Test

When you’ve studied hard and taken a few practice tests, you’re ready for the real thing. Find your test at the end of your coursework and dive in. You’ll want to achieve a 70% to 75% score or higher to pass. will help prepare you for every aspect of the test including what to expect of the experience and how to ace the questions.

Join a Broker

Last but not least, you’ll need sponsorship from or employment with a real estate broker in your state. This is your chance to pick your new business partner who will be connecting you with sellers or buyers as you get started. Choose a local broker with a good reputation, someone you like and would enjoy working with. Then will guide you through reaching out and making your first official business connection.

Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve passed the test and have partnered with a broker, you’re ready to take on your first clients. As a mom, you can start with just one or two clients to get a feel for the work. From there, the number of clients you take on can match the amount of free time you have. With the pandemic still active, you can do almost all of your real estate work remotely from home or while visiting safely empty houses.

Use the Code ‘onlinemom30‘ for a 30% Discount

Here at OnlineMom, we love helping moms achieve their dreams at a handy discount. Use the code ‘onlinemom30’ when signing up for your real estate course for a special working mom’s discount. And if you’re so inclined, tell us all about your experience! We love to hear from moms successfully following their dream!

Thank you for reading How to Get a Real Estate License as a Stay-at-Home Mom, check out other side-gig ideas here.