40 Brilliant People Who Figured Out How to Pet Proof Their Christmas Trees

Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? All the time and effort put into decorating. The ornaments and lights placed just right. A holiday masterpiece right? Well, Ill tell you who doesn’t care about the effort and care you put into decorating each and every year. Your pets. From the pets standpoint, you have created the ultimate mission impossible. In their minds this brightly colored object can be anything from a scratching post to a new food source depending on your furry family members taste. Whats left is a destroyed tree lying on the ground with the offending pet nearby unfazed by your dismay. Below is a compilation of hacks some brilliant people devised to bridge the pet/Christmas tree divide. Now go forth and check out our collection of cat/dog/goat and even fox (yes fox)-proof Christmas trees!

Wow…this really is a fox. And a portal.

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