Unique Holiday Gifts on Etsy

Do you want to be known as a great gifter this holiday season? Then simply, do as my mother and buy a unique gift from Etsy. Here are 5 Unique Holiday Gifts From Etsy.

My mother’s gifts should be famous: each is utterly unique in both item and experience. Unlike many, my mother doesn’t put gifts in a bag or wrap them inside a box. Instead, she hides them in deceptive layers of packaging, turning every gift into an experience of adventure. For example, I was once gifted a pair of headphones hidden in 5 separate layers of boxes, each level containing different peculiar and unique nicknacks my mother had discovered or collected. While my mother is a talented gifter, I believe a lot of her success comes from two things. The uniqueness of her gifts and her love for exploring Etsy. 

Lucky enough for you, I have already done Etsy exploring and listed out below some of the best and most unique gifts I could find. 

25 Days of Premium Single-Estate Specialty Coffees

Given that at 20, I am already dependent on coffee, I expect that coffee is part of most adults’ routine. This holiday, you can give your recipient a gift that will turn their coffee experience from a chore to a practice of enjoyment. Rather than gifting a single fancy blend of coffee, you can buy this unique Etsy Coffee Advent Calendar and deliver 25 days worth of different premium single-estate specialty coffees. I am sure your recipient has never received a calendar like this before!

Stemless Wine Glasses for Cocktails, Wine, or Sangria

One of the perks of shopping on Etsy is your ability to support artists. This holiday, not only can you buy beautiful and unique gifts, but you can support local artisans in the process. For example, you buy these beautiful stemless handmade and hand-blown wine glasses, and both procure an incredible gift and support an artist simultaneously. 

This is OnlineMom’s favorite of these Unique Holiday Gifts on Etsy.

Watershed Recycled Shelter Backpack

With the rainy and snowy season either upon you or just around the corner, it is time to invest in some quality waterproof goods. Being caught in the rain with a non-waterproof bag is never fun. This year you can buy your recipient a unique backpack that will help them avoid just such an incident. Not only is this backpack a practical gift, but it is also made of 100% recycled material! This unique gift is not only practical and stylish but environmentally friendly to boot!

Acacia Wood Dinnerware Set

Are you looking for other environmentally friendly gifts? Well, if you are, another great gift option is this beautiful set of handmade eco-friendly Acacia Wood Dinnerware. The seller allows you to choose from multiple set options. This beautiful wood dining ware will not disappoint. These handmade sets are sure to make a unique and appreciated holiday gift. 

Tabletop Glass Fireplace

There is something special about the light and warmth of a fire, but making a fire outdoors is often more work than reward. This year you can gift someone an easy and unique alternative to an outdoor fire, a tabletop fireplace. Not only is this tabletop fireplace safe, but it’s also functional, and even an easy way to roast smores! 

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