New Year Challenges for Busy Moms

If you are a mom, you will understand it when I say this: the New Year is a relief and a little scary! Congratulations, fellow mom, because we’ve survived the winter break, the kids are back in daycare or school, and we hope to get a moment to catch our breaths. It’s just a few weeks … Read more

Showing Your Children How to Handle Your Family’s Pet

Having a pet in the home with children is a great teaching tool, but their interactions aren’t always perfect at first. In fact, both your family’s pet and your child require some guidance and learning. Young children may have trouble understanding how to interact with the family pet. And your pet is learning as well. … Read more

40 Brilliant People Who Figured Out How to Pet Proof Their Christmas Trees

Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? All the time and effort put into decorating. The ornaments and lights placed just right. A holiday masterpiece right? Well, Ill tell you who doesn’t care about the effort and care you put into decorating each and every year. Your pets. From the pets standpoint, you have … Read more

5 Great Service Projects For Families to Do Together

Many children today have an abundance of opportunities. They attend great schools, have plenty of food to eat, have new clothes for every season and amuse themselves with the latest electronics. But, not everyone is so fortunate. So while parents want their children to be happy, they also want to teach them to look outside … Read more

Ridiculous Holiday Photos That Are Really Just Wins

Ah the holidays. Its a magical time of the year when families come together (sometimes by brute force) to bond, open unwanted gifts and yes take a few obligatory photos. Its even better when families just try to hard to seal in the juices of the holiday spirit. Some of these had the best intentions … Read more

3 of the Top Reasons to Teach Your Children Yoga

Yoga involves the intentional movement of different parts of the body to achieve overall health and wellness for the entire being. This means you can strengthen your mind, body, and soul through the practice of yoga. Who wouldn’t want to experience that kind of love? Here are the top three reasons to teach your children … Read more