How to Support a Pregnant Friend

Pregnancy is an exciting time for moms-to-be, as well as their family and friends. While everyone may be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new bundle of joy, there is only one person who is carrying it: the mother. Pregnancy is a joyful time and also a very personal one. Each mama is unique and … Read more

Why Moms Should Attract Abundance

Are you stressed about money? Do your kids really need a new pair of shoes? Moms struggle with these concerns every day. As parents, we know that any missed paycheck due to injury, illness, or loss of employment will affect our budget. Any income loss will impact how much we spend on our kids. This … Read more

Showing Your Children How to Handle Your Family’s Pet

Having a pet in the home with children is a great teaching tool, but their interactions aren’t always perfect at first. In fact, both your family’s pet and your child require some guidance and learning. Young children may have trouble understanding how to interact with the family pet. And your pet is learning as well. … Read more

4 Fun, Affordable, and Easy Holiday Crafts for You and Your Kids

The wonderful holiday season is upon us, and moms everywhere are looking for ways to make this year even more magical. And, what is better to add some cheer than to create dazzling decor and adorable holiday crafts? These four DIY projects are so simple, even your kids can be a part of the festivities. … Read more

5 Great Service Projects For Families to Do Together

Many children today have an abundance of opportunities. They attend great schools, have plenty of food to eat, have new clothes for every season and amuse themselves with the latest electronics. But, not everyone is so fortunate. So while parents want their children to be happy, they also want to teach them to look outside … Read more

Ways to Teach Gratitude This Holiday Season

In today’s world, the current generation of kids and teens often feel entitled to the things they want. They sometimes exhibit a demanding attitude towards family and others in their lives. Kids are not grateful and they’re not interested in serving others for a greater purpose. As parents, we must teach our children the importance … Read more

5 Fun Ways for Bonding with Your Child This Winter

When the snow falls and the playground, park and pool aren’t possible, it can be hard to find a fun family activity. So here are five great ways for bonding with your child this winter. 1. Get Outside If you and your kids like to get outside, don’t let the winter chill put a damper … Read more