This Mother Takes Stunning Photos of Her Daughter with Down Syndrome to Break Stereotypes

British photographer Sian Davey is the mother of a sweet little girl named Alice, who has Down syndrome. Realizing that there are negative and often incorrect ideas of what a child with that condition can do, Davey decided to develop a special project to break those stereotypes. Using her love of photography, Davey created an entire photo series around Alice which has picked up a lot of traction.


A Psychotherapeutic Background

Sian Davey

Before getting into photography, Davey worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years. “I have listened to many stories and it is interesting that what has been revealed to me is not how different we are to one another, but rather how alike we are as people,” she shared on her official website. That lesson would come up for her again when she got some big news.


An Unexpected Pregnancy

Sian Davey

Davey discovered that she was pregnant with another child with her partner. However, early on into the pregnancy, they discovered that there was a high probability that the baby had Down syndrome. Treatment may help with the genetic disorder but, more than likely, the baby would have certain developmental delays and physical disabilities. Societal stereotypes would come into play as well.

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