How to Determine Your Parenting Style and Why It Really Matters

Your sense of fashion or favorite interior design style does not translate into your parenting style. No matter what your personality, you can choose an effective parenting style that works for your family. But when it comes to parenting, healthy discipline is the key to raising well-rounded and psychologically healthy people. So, as a parent, think about the three styles of parenting that are the most common. They are assertive, permissive and aggressive.

An Assertive Parenting Style

According to an article by The Center for Parenting Education, the best parenting style for discipline is an assertive approach. Using an assertive parenting style means striking a healthy, positive balance. Some parenting advice experts theorize that more young people today exhibit narcissistic and dependent personality traits. This is because of parenting advice promoting positive affirmations, rewards and positive reinforcement. So, if your parenting style is assertive, your on the right track.

A Permissive Parenting Style

If your parenting style is permissive, you may think your child can do no wrong. You may nurture, which is wonderful, but you may fail to offer the necessary structure. Oftentimes, permissive parents neglect their children. Some telltale signs you are a permissive parent include begging your children to cooperate, giving in to their demands for candy at the store and acting flustered.

Also, using passive-aggression instead of making clear requests and blaming yourself for your child’s misbehavior is another sign of a permissive parenting style.

An Aggressive Parenting Style

If your parenting style is aggressive, you likely have a lot of power struggles with your children. Some telltale signs include dolling out harsh punishments such as spanking, enforcing strict rules and tricking your children. Other clues are using humiliation to control and accusing your child of bad intentions. If you use an aggressive parenting style, your children could develop narcissism and other personality disorders, too.

Some Final Thoughts on Your Parenting Style

The winning strategy, according to parenting advice experts, is an assertive style that involves setting limits, providing choices, clearly communicating and giving brief but logical reasons. So, if your parenting style is showing empathy for your children, but also setting reasonable consequences, you’re doing a good job.

In a nutshell, it’s all about balancing structure with nurturing. As a parent, you may already have the nurturing part down. So, if your parenting style is assertive, your children will grow up to meet challenges, tackle difficult situations and feel capable.

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