Parenting Advice: Debates to Hash Out Before the Baby is Born

It’s exciting to plan for a baby and listen to all the parenting advice from friends and family. But, it’s good to hash out any debates on parenting issues before the baby is born. Even if you already have children, you can revisit some of the parenting topics related to politics, religion, circumcision, discipline and baby-changing jobs.

Whether to formula or breastfeed is also a topic that affects issues such as working at home or outside the house. If you have not conceived yet, determine the right time to have your first child or add to your family. In addition to the archetypical biological clock, consider financial issues. Some people wish to buy a home before they start a family, but it’s a personal decision for everyone.

Sharing Baby Duties: Deciding Before the Baby is Born

From changing diapers to feeding the baby, parents often debate about the daily duties. So, before the baby is born, talk about how to prevent parenting burnout. Read parenting advice books about bonding with the baby. The father’s involvement matters in the first year, too. This is because dads don’t bond the same way as women do during pregnancy.

Figuring Out Boundaries

It’s important and helpful to set boundaries before the baby is born, rather than afterward. For example, most parenting experts discourage co-sleeping because it’s dangerous for a child’s health due to possible suffocation. Also, experts discredit controversial parenting ideas such as “attachment parenting,” which typically results in child abuse.

Other boundaries include talks about avoiding inappropriate language and appropriate behaviors around children. So, before the baby is born or you’re even pregnant, discuss things like remembering to praise publicly and constructively criticize privately.

Some Final Thoughts

Some important discussions include whether to circumcise a boy or bank your baby’s cord blood. Decide where to attend a church or house of worship, talking about politics with the child and whether or not to homeschool. If you don’t agree about the best caregivers, discuss possible ideas for childcare before your baby comes into the world. Before your baby is born, be sure to visit any topics of concern, so you’ll have a more peaceful family life.

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