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How to Entertain your Kids this Weekend: 5 Ways

Need a moment from the constant chatter? Can’t take another Fornite breakdown? It’s tough to engage your children in between online classes and meetings. Moms are wearing more hats than ever and it’s OK to run out of ideas. (or the patience to come up with something new each day.) How should you entertain your kids this weekend?

How to Entertain your Kids this Weekend

Start with these 5 ways to entertain your kids at home this weekend.

Make Something Together

Roll up your sleeves and get creative! You don’t need complicated Pinterest projects that last all day. Start with something simple such as painting a self-portrait or amp up your game with a craft kit. Kids of all ages will have a blast creating something together.

Get Outside

It’s hard being cooped up all day. Fresh air and sunshine can be a game-changer. Grab the crew and hop outside to explore your yard or a nearby park. Keep it fun for your little ones with a scavenger hunt. Challenge older children to identify specific plants and wildlife. You’ll feel recharged in no time.

This is OnlineMom’s favorite for How to Entertain your Kids this Weekend.

Get Cooking!

Whether you’re the next Martha Stewart or new to the kitchen, testing out recipes is a great way to be hands-on with the kids. Encourage your children to read the recipe and make a shopping list of ingredients. A homemade treat straight from the oven is a perfect reward for a job well done.

Get Moving!

Are you missing the gym? Kids have endless energy? There are tons of great instructional videos available to stream at no cost. From restorative yoga to brutal high-intensity workouts, there are programs for everyone! Bonus points if the kids join you on the mat. Check out some great options here.

Self Care With a Twist

Give yourself a quiet moment with simple spa remedies. Turn on some relaxing tunes and paint your toes with your toddler. (messy, but fun!) A bubble bath with your favorite glass of wine is a great way to recharge at the end of the day. Check out this safe and easy sugar scrub for a special treat!

Hopefully, How to Entertain your Kids this Weekend: 5 Ways, has given you some ideas.  Activities do not need to cost an arm and a leg to be memorable to your kiddos.  Remember to give yourself some grace and try to enjoy these extra moments that we have with the little ones.   And if all else fails, enjoy a glass of wine and toast yourself for doing the best that you can!