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How Single Parents Can Have It All

Give Your Child Stability


Children of single parents often live in more than one household or are babysat by multiple people. The best of babysitters can cause mental stress to a child if his or her rules are drastically different from the rules of the child’s parent. Talk to all of the other caregivers that are involved in a child’s life, and take reasonable steps to ensure that the expectations on your child from one household to another are similar.


Operate in the Now


Painful events, like death or failed relationships, often lead to single parenthood. Many single parents have a level of guilt about the role, real or imagined, they played in their child only having one parent. Remember that you cannot change the past. All parents feel guilty about things that alter their children’s lives, but that guilt is not always reasonable. Guilt will only hinder a single parent’s ability to be the awesome parent his or her child needs.

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