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How Single Parents Can Have It All

Parenting is challenging. For a single parent, the challenges grow exponentially because one person, rather than two, has to fight all of the same battles, as well as a few that are unique to single parenthood. What is the best way to juggle all the varied responsibilities that single parents have? There’s an answer to that. These tips will help single parents to take the best possible care of themselves and their children.


Take Care of Yourself

Real Simple

Single parents must avoid the trap of neglecting their own mental and physical health while caring for others. During a plane crash, parents are instructed to put on their oxygen masks first because an unconscious parent will be of no use to a child. The human body is not indestructible. Too much stress, too much junk food, or a lack of exercise can cause a health crisis. Get yearly physicals and take mental health breaks.

Create a Support System


Although most parents think they are the best person to care for their children, one person cannot possibly care for a child at all times. It is important to build a support system of family or friends who can help babysit. These should be reliable, responsible people who can create a safe environment for your child. A group of people who can help out in case of emergency will give a single parent more room to breathe.