Mother-Daughter Tattoos We Would Actually Get

There’s no doubt about it. Tattoos are becoming more mainstream. As society is generally accepting a little bit of ink, more and more people are taking the dive and getting that piece they’ve always wanted. It’s even becoming a family affair. Getting a tattoo with your daughter is incredibly common and something that will further bond you for life. Mother-daughter tattoos are becoming the norm. Here are a few ideas we love.

Animals and Their Babies

We’ve been seeing these more frequently and with such adorable and creative designs. These are mother-daughter tattoos in the form of animals with their babies. A favorite is the mother elephant and her daughter linking trunks in the style of an embrace. Another popular piece is a mother giraffe and her baby, either intertwining their long necks or together in a different pose. We’ve also seen this type of design with the ever-popular cat, as well as birds and even turtles. The beauty of this design is that you can be creative and use any animal combo that speaks to you and your daughter.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Bird and Feather Theme

Speaking of birds, this is another theme that’s popular for mother-daughter tattoos. Getting matching tattoos with either just birds taking flight or with an additional feather feature is an incredibly cute design and a very symbolic one. It can symbolize you and your daughter’s journey together, or your freedom to express yourselves with one another. This design can also symbolize that distance may separate you, but that a connection will always exist.

Dandelion Tattoo

This one can be such a detailed and creative design. This mother-daughter tattoo involves a dandelion blowing in the wind, and its seeds dispersing. You could either get just two matching tattoos with this design, or you can have either the mother or daughter with the actual flower and the other person just getting a tattoo of the dispersed seeds. Then, when you’re together, it becomes a work of art. We love how versatile this one can be.

Sun and Moon

This is a classic and one that can be done in hundreds of different ways. The mother gets the sun, and the daughter gets the moon. This can, of course, also be reversed. You can get this tattoo in any style of art imaginable, and the meaning will still ring true. This tattoo can represent the fact that you will never be alone because you have your daughter with you always. Or, it can represent the duality of your two personalities, somehow coming together like the perfect pair.

Connecting Tattoos

This is another mother-daughter tattoo that really knows no limitations. This can be any piece that connects when you two are together, similar to the dandelion tattoo. The most common example of this design is probably a mandala, which is a geometric combination of different symbols that holds spiritual meaning. It’s basically a complex and beautiful design, often in a circular shape. You get half, and your daughter gets the other half. Then, when together, they complete one another. The symbolism of this is pretty obvious, but it’s still a beautiful tattoo.

Tree Tattoo

This is best done with a very simple tree design. Take a pine or an oak tree, and then with simple lines and black ink, a tree is formed. Your daughter then gets the same design, in the very same spot. This gorgeous design can symbolize your family roots and the stability and history there. It can also simply represent continuous growth and connection to mother earth.

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