11 Warning Signs of Bad Hair Salons

The Shampoo Area is Messy


The shampoo area is one of the most important areas of a hair salon. Most clients look forward to having their hair professionally washed. Once arriving at your appointment, Hooker recommends looking at the shampoo area. Are the shampoo bowls clean? Are the products dusted? He adds, “Always look for cleanliness. Are they cleaning out the hair shafts? Is there color on the side of the bowl?” These might seem like they’re small considerations, but they’re important qualities when it comes to who is handling your hair.


You Don’t Get a Scalp Massage


Most people can cut their own hair, but they choose to have their hair professionally cut and styled because of the entire experience. This includes receiving a scalp massage while the hairdresser washes a client’s hair. A scalp massage is a standard practice in most hair salons—as it stimulates blood circulation to the hair and promotes healthy growth, as well as helping with hair loss. If a hairdresser doesn’t massage your scalp, that’s a warning sign the salon isn’t as professional as others.

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