11 Warning Signs of Bad Hair Salons

An Unfriendly Environment

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Hair salons often feel like a family. Look for the way the hairdressers interact with each other. Are they talkative and friendly coworkers? Are they aware of what’s going on around them? In addition, pay attention to how the hairdressers address you, the client. If your hairdresser doesn’t talk much to you during your appointment, that’s a warning sign. Does he/she offer you a cup of coffee while you wait? Overall, your appointment experience should be pleasant. If it’s not, it’s time to look for another salon.


They Don’t Ask About Your Results


After an appointment, a hairdresser should always ask a client if he/she is happy with the results. What could the hairdresser have done differently, if the client wasn’t pleased? You should never feel rushed as soon as the hairdresser puts down the clippers. Hooker adds, “You could have got the best haircut of your life but you’re not going to come back if you’re rushed, people are rude, etc. We’re not actually in the beauty business, we’re in the relationship business.”


There are Extra Charges


You should have an understanding of the appointment’s cost before the appointment begins. The price should all be agreed upon in the consultation with your hairdresser. However, some salons decide to surprise clients with additional charges on their final bill. According to Hooker, this is not a standard policy. He adds, “Make sure that you understand at the end of the consultation exactly what the service is going to be and exactly what the price is going to be.” You should never be surprised by how much you’re paying.

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