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Which of These 5 Styles of Leadership Should You Be Using?

Every leader has their own style of getting things done. However, there are some common leadership go-to’s that have proven effective for successful leaders throughout history. Knowing which style to use in the right moment is tough, and depends on a willingness to learn and experience over time. If you’re a leader, here are 5 basic styles you should know, and when they’re effective.


Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic leadership is when one person is in charge and what they say goes. No input is requested or allowed, and things always have to be done the leader’s way.

While this style of leadership can seem harsh or unfair, there are circumstances where it is the best choice. In the military, as well as in companies that deal with things which affect public safety, this style of leadership is often used. When things are potentially dangerous or volatile, or there is a chance of crisis, there is no time to take a vote and listen to everyone’s opinion. For this reason, autocratic leadership is best when important decisions need to be made quickly and carried out fully without question.

Other times autocratic leadership is used is often when one person, usually the founder of a company, has a very specific vision for their company and they know exactly what they want. Context matters a lot when it comes to deciding whether or not to use an autocratic style of leadership.

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