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Tips for Moms Traveling With Kids

I’m a wanderlust and luckily for me, so are my husband and kids. We all love to travel, and we actually enjoy traveling together! After taking dozens of trips with my family, I have learned a few things that I implement every time we travel together. I am a Hilton Honors Rewards member and love the benefits. These Tips for Moms Traveling With Kids are just some of the ways I keep stress at a minimum so our vacations are full of fun.

Embrace the Capsule Wardrobe

I was once notorious for overpacking and made sure everyone had a full outfit in the suitcase for every day of travel. Not anymore. I’ve learned to embrace a capsule wardrobe when traveling and now only pack a few staple pieces that can be worn in several ways. Pinterest is a fabulous resource for finding capsule packing ideas.

Bonus tip: Invest in packing cubes! I own sets by Amazon Basics and eBags. They make packing so much easier, they are compressible, and they keep everything super organized.

Wake up Earlier Than Your Family

I know, moms. You’re exhausted and the temptation to sleep in is major. Don’t do it! Set an alarm and wake up earlier than the rest of your family to get ready for the day. You’ll feel more together and less hurried.

Bonus tip: Scope out the closest place to grab a coffee and enjoy while you’re getting ready for the day.

Prep at Night for the Next Day

After our day is done and sleepy little kiddos are snuggled up in bed, I make sure everything is in order for the next day. I lay out outfits for each child and make sure shoes are ready to be put on. Any other items we need are made easily accessible, including hair accessories, cold weather gear, etc. I repack my bag with snacks and anything I might need for the next day. I also take a quick look at our itinerary for the next day and confirm I have tickets or reservations handy if needed. This is a very important Tip for Moms Traveling With Kids

Bonus tip: Keep everything in your bag organized with individual pouches. I keep snacks in a gallon-size resealable bag and stash first aid items, medications, and other miscellaneous items into their own zipper pouches. This creates less chaos in your bag and makes finding things you need a breeze.

Don’t Worry if You Get Off Schedule

Traveling as a family can be stressful enough. Don’t let it get to you if you veer from your itinerary. I like having an idea of what our days might look like, but it’s okay to leave some wiggle room in the schedule for unexpected detours. If we see a fun park where my kids can run and play, a delicious bakery to enjoy, or don’t feel up for what is planned, it’s fine. Part of the fun of traveling is being able to explore without boundaries. Everyone will be happier, even if your carefully planned schedule that took hours to create isn’t followed to the minute.

Bonus tip #1: Create a note on your phone or Google doc that can be easily accessed with a rough outline of your trip. Include places you want to visit, restaurants, and any other information that you want to quickly reference.

Bonus tip #2: Use Google maps to plug in all of your stops. You can view it all on the map and figure out the most efficient way to schedule your time. This is especially great if you’re planning to do a lot of walking or using public transportation.

Make Memories and Document Them!

This seems so obvious. You are on vacation, right? You’ve probably also heard, or even thought, “Travel with kids is not a vacation!” I will bust that myth for you. You’ve made the choice to go on a trip and bring your kids for a reason. You want to make memories together and show the world to your kids! You want to eat great food and explore new places together. Have fun. Take lots of photos and not just the posed ones. Capture videos of your kids building a sandcastle, or riding the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, or splashing in the hotel pool. Let your kids take their own photos and appreciate their perspective. It’s also okay to put the camera away and just be present. You won’t forget the memories you make. Enjoy the time with your people.

Bonus tip: As soon as you get home from your trip (after you’ve unpacked and tackled all that vacation laundry!), create a photo book with the kids of your vacation photos to preserve those special moments your family spent together.

I hope you’ve found these travel tips helpful and will implement some or all of them the next time you’re on vacation with your family. Wherever you’re headed next, safe travels! I wish you a stress-free and fun trip and enjoy these Tips for Moms Traveling With Kids.