Staying Calm as a Busy Mom

The day to day demands of being a busy mom can add up over time which can, unfortunately, cause anxiety, including mental or physical symptoms of distress caused by real or perceived fears. Overall, being anxious can have long-term effects on your body. Incorporating different tools or strategies into the day to manage stress and stay calm throughout the week is key.  Read on to understand how you can Stay Calm as a Busy Mom in 2020.

Set Your Routine for the Day

Creating a routine for the day and following it is a huge part of staying on top of life as a busy mom and ahead of anxiety. The trick is to set up the day with a routine that you actually want. Don’t make your day miserable for yourself, figure out a way to get everything done you need to and feel good about yourself and everything you are doing. This could be waking up earlier to do yoga or meditate before the kids get up for some moms while others stay up an hour later to have more personal time for themselves.

Plan Breaks

There may be points in the day when you feel stressed, such as right after the kids get home and you are rushing around to prepare dinner or when they won’t go to bed. There’s also the pressure to get their homework done. Kids love to stay engaged in preferred activities. If you must watch younger children at play, be creative about scheduling breaks. For example, while you are supervising them watching a TV program, put on headphones and listen to a meditation program or read a book. With an app like Let’s Meditate, you can download any guided meditation. While you may not finish an entire program when the kids are awake, you can get through part of it. The beauty of on-demand content is that you can easier pick up where you left off anytime. Breaks are very important to Stay Calm as a Busy Mom

Set a Purpose for Difficult Projects

If you’re working on an important project, whether it’s a budget spreadsheet or a presentation, you’ll need to focus. Typically, meditation helps you to slow your body, mind, and heart rate down and concentrate on a limited set of thoughts. For example, you can meditate for five minutes and focus on developing the introduction to your speech and perform a body scan to calm down your major systems. When you return to a difficult task, you should feel more able to finish it. Whenever anxiety about completing a project begins to build and affect your concentration, take another calming break.

Find Time to Unwind

There is limited research on whether mindfulness meditation helps people sleep better. What’s clear is that getting ample high-quality sleep is essential to functioning and letting your body heal itself at night. One study found that people who completed mindfulness meditation before bed for six weeks instead of a sleep education program encountered less insomnia, fatigue, and depression after six weeks.

Download a free meditation app and try a program that strikes your interest. You will feel more relaxed before proceeding with your day. There is a possibility you will find a series on stress relief. Anything you can do to trigger a relaxation response will help your body be healthier and more able to fight disease. The relaxation response is the opposite of the body’s stress response. Try these ideas to practice Staying Calm as a Busy Mom and feel more accomplished in 2020!

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