3 Thrifty Ways to Save Money When You Go to the Grocery Store

Your family has to eat, so budgeting money for food in the home is something you have to do. If you do it wisely, you can save money on shopping every time you go to the grocery store. However, with all the money advice out there, it can get confusing. So, here are three thrifty ways to save money when you go to the grocery store that are simple and easy to implement.

  1. Create a Meal Plan and Stick to It

When you create a meal plan, you design a concrete schedule for what your family will eat for the week. Knowing what you will serve can help you save money on meals. You’ll only buy the items you need and avoid shopping based on boredom or impulse. Every meal you create could include a food item you can use for another meal in the same week. For example, if you roast a chicken for dinner, you can use the leftovers for enchiladas or tacos the next.

Once you’ve created your meal plan, you can make a shopping list. But, be sure to stick to only the items you need for your meal plan, so you buy enough of each item to last you the week. The essentials, such as bread, eggs and milk, should be constantly on your list, so your family doesn’t run out.

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