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This is Why Your Manicure Isn’t Lasting that Long

One of the best feelings in the world is having a new manicure which will make you feel revitalized and prepared to face anything you might encounter. But maintaining the impeccable condition of your nail for a couple of days can be very difficult even if a professional nail technician is always available to you. Chipped nails can be extremely bad, as no individual would love to go through the stress of getting their nails painted knowing it will eventually get chipped. Let’s consider 10 reasons your nail treatment (manicure) doesn’t last long and how you can make it last.

Washing Hands Before A Manicure

Your nails can begin to expand and retain moisture when you wash your hands. Therefore, your nails become dehydrated post-manicure which makes them shrink. This implies that your nail polish would no longer fit perfectly and could lead to easy chipping. It is recommended that your hands remain dry before performing a manicure.

You Use Sanitizers More Often

It is one thing to remain free from germs, but your chances of a durable manicure will be impeded when you use hand sanitizers too much. Sanitizers are made up of alcohol that dehydrates the nail polish and the nails, which would result in dull and chipped nails. A better substitute is to utilize warm water together with mild soap to remain free from germs.

Nails Are Dehydrated

Similar to your skin, your nails can also begin to peel and crack when they lack moisture. Ensure that your nails are well hydrated to make them continue to appear fresh. You can make sure your enamel remains hydrated by using nail oils and ensure your nail polish sticks properly.

Washing Dishes Without Gloves

Gloves are not only used for protecting your hands but to avoid chipping your manicure. Soap and water can end up drying up on your manicure whenever you wash dishes without gloves. Drying out implies that your nails become chipped with a dull appearance. We, therefore, suggest that a good pair of gloves should be purchased.

Exposing Your Hands To Heat

Make sure you remember this if you were previously unaware. Your manicure needs to become fully dry for about 12 hours. Exposing your hands to extreme heat within this period can likely lead to a smudged or chipped nail.

Lack Of Nutrients In Your Diet

A diet absent of nutrients, or genes can affect other areas of your body as well as your nails. To enhance the durability of your nail, ensure proper development and prevent them from becoming dull, it is vital to consume adequate supplements of biotin and protein. Consuming enough water is also very important to make sure your nail and cuticles are properly hydrated.

You Practice An Active Lifestyle

It will be impossible to have a durable manicure if you lead an active lifestyle where you regularly hit the gym and the ground. But you can still opt for a clear gloss or a nude shade to limit the notches and chips. However, if you intend to flaunt your nails, you can include a few coats of glitter or anything shiny.

You Blow Dry Your Nails

It is natural to blow our nails after completing a manicure. But the truth is, that is the worst action you could ever perform. As earlier indicated, nail polishes can be quite sensitive to moisture and warmth. Therefore, the best option is to utilize a cool fan and complete your manicure in a cool environment. Don’t forget to keep your nail polishes in a dark and dry environment.

Extremely Oily Nail Beds

You may know about oily face or skin, but oily nail beds are also common. The bottom of the nail plate can become chipped as a result of oily nail beds. Include nail strengthener or ridge filler to your daily regimen to improve the durability of your nails.

You Might Be Using An Inappropriate Salon

There is no doubt that your neighborhood salon will offer a quick and cheap service. But the quality of your manicure can also be affected. It is common for cheap salons to employ low quality manicure products that can further ruin your nails. Therefore, it is important to search for a new go-to salon.

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