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What Does Your Favorite Lipstick Say About You?

A story is being told about you with everything you do. Your favorite clothes, food, band, and even your lipstick that you wear confidently tells a story about you. What exactly is it? Let’s reveal who you are using your favorite lipstick and all the other extraordinary ladies who wear them also. So, What Does Your Favorite Lipstick Say About You?


The girls who wear that classy and iconic red lipstick are daring and passionate. Seeing as they know their worth, it makes them very ambitious. They’re not the kind of girls you can overlook because they are risk-takers. These kinds of girls know their worth and they know that they deserve the very best. Go, girls! These girls are very friendly.


The girls who pick this classic shade hate being the center of attention. They can be a little shy, but you’ll discover that they’re sweet and fun to be around when you get to know them better. They’ll always go for quality instead of quantity as friends. It is better to have a few good friends that are real than plenty of them. There’s nothing these ladies love more than seeing their family and friends happy. Instead of going out to mingle with others, they’ll rather be around those they care about. These women love cute things, especially animals. Did somebody open a YouTube page on puppies again?


These subtle shades are the best for women that are bold and unique. Most time people come to them for advice because of their impeccable taste, especially in fashion. They enjoy mingling with people, but this does not mean that they don’t enjoy their alone time, and we really can’t blame them for this at all.


Ladies who wear pink shades of lipstick are said to be very caring and kind. They’re usually sweet and adorable while having some tenderness and innocence in them. Unfortunately, they can be a little too sensitive at times. They can be trusted with your secrets which makes them wonderful friends to have. This doesn’t mean that because they are sweet, you should think them weak. Pink lipstick is the first choice of a lot of strong and powerful women out there. Do you know what your favorite lipstick says about you yet? Or what about your friends?


We have girls who are fun and outgoing loving this bright and happy color. They love being around their family and friends, and they’ll go with you to anyplace if they love you. These girls love the outdoors and activities, they enjoy life to the fullest and laugh a lot. They’re always looking for new adventures and experiences that are fun, especially if it means they’ll be close to nature.


These kinds of women are practical and laid-back. They are a bit cautious when it comes to trying out new things, and are very reliable. They sure know how to take care of themselves, although they don’t wear too much makeup because they’re always busy. Sometimes, because they’re in a rush, they’ll just wear a very good lip balm and chapstick.


This shade is for those ladies that are mysterious in nature. These kinds of women are very cultured women who have big dreams and are ready to go to any length to fulfill them. They’re not the type to get power drunk easily, as they are not afraid of power or being in charge. They don’t really have many friends, but the little they have are very loyal. Most times they like to be on their own and are also good at keeping secrets. They have what it takes to completely amaze you.


You should meet a girl who wears a purple shade of lipstick if you need someone who is calm and rational to advise you. These kinds of ladies do not like drama and they like handling situations with tact and diplomacy. They’re ready to assist their friends and family in any situation they find themselves. It is really amazing having people like this who are not interested in creating issues for others and are forever kind.


This shade is very subtle, telling us about a warm, gentle and optimistic lady. The kind of girls who wear the peach shade of lipstick is happy and the forever smiling type. Because of how cheerful they are, they are able to successfully lift up people’s spirits when they’re down. They always put the needs of others ahead of theirs. It shouldn’t be a surprise for you to see these kinds of girls doing charity and helping those in need. They really are the best!

So, What Does Your Favorite Lipstick Say About You?