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The Best Remote Jobs in 2021 for Stay at Home Moms

Finding work in the 2021’s job market can be scary, especially when you have to consider remote learning schedules and your kids’ new normal. Lucky for everyone, finding remote and freelance work is easier than ever. There are tons of jobs for stay at home moms in the current market, and they aren’t multi-level-marketing schemes or get-rich-quick scams, these are potential careers with room for growth that you can work around your lifestyle. Finding a job that works for you is easier than you think if you know where to look.

Before Anything: Level-up your LinkedIn Profile

To start a remote career, the easiest first step you can take is leveling up your LinkedIn profile and creating new connections. LinkedIn isn’t just for CEO’s and businessmen, plenty of working moms use the platform to connect and find new work opportunities.

Say Cheese

You’re more likely to get hired if you’re showing some teeth in your LinkedIn profile picture, studies show. Make sure you upload a high-resolution, professional photo.

Upload Your Resume

Clean your resume up, update it, and upload it to your LinkedIn profile. You never know who’s looking when you leave your profile set as open to work, and employers are looking for all kinds of experience.

Get Certified

Google and LinkedIn offer free certifications that employers look for on resumes, make sure you take advantage of them.

Make Connections

Connect with everyone possible that you know, you’ll be more visible to employers if you have more mutual connections with them.

Stay Active Online

Don’t neglect to interact with people on your feed, you might just find a new connection or job opportunity because of it.

Tutor Students Online

With remote learning continuing, the demand for tutors is high, so if you want to help other students as well as your own with their homework there are plenty of opportunities.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, there’s a need for English teachers working remotely in other countries, even if you aren’t certified in teaching English as a second language.

Dabble in the Writing and Blogging Industry

The writing industry is a great place to look for remote work, especially if you want to set your own deadlines and do freelance work.

There are platforms like UpWork and Verblio where you can apply for freelance writing positions, or you can start your own blog and make money using sponsored content or advertising revenue. You can even find jobs proofreading and editing work for other people if that sounds more appropriate for your family’s lifestyle.

Become a Virtual Assistant

There is a constantly growing need for virtual assistants in the remote job industry, and stay at home moms are great candidates for these positions. If you’re great at scheduling, talking to clients, curating events and data entry, this might be your ideal remote job.

Check Out Social Media Affiliate Links

If you want to turn a profit on your social media addiction, scroll your way into some cash by checking out affiliate links from businesses looking to advertise. If you have a decent following on Facebook or Instagram, check out this guide to dipping your toe in the affiliate links market.

Create an Etsy Shop or RedBubble Market

Are you a little crafty? This is a great way to turn a hobby into a profit, and you could even involve your kids in your crafting sessions. Setting up an Etsy shop is an ideal job for a stay at home mom simply because you can set your own deadlines, do work that you love, and create a career if you decide to take it that far. Check out the federal laws on when you have to register your online shop as an LLC, you’ll have time to figure out whether it’s a worthy business venture for you.

If the graphic design and digital art is more your speed, RedBubble is a phenomenal platform that hosts artists’ designs and prints them on a number of different products.

Being a working mom is easier than ever for stay at home moms with the growing gig economy and remote work market. You can find the perfect job that fits into your family’s schedule and lifestyle, it’s right around the corner if you start looking.