7 Creative Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

Many parents today are trying to find a work-life balance that affords them time with their families and time for themselves. To help support this lifestyle, many people are turning to non-traditional ways to make money. Here are 7 Creative Ways to Make Some Extra Cash.

Employ Your Writing Skills

There are legitimate companies out there willing to pay you for your writing skills. Companies like Verblio and Crowd Content are sites where freelance writers can submit pieces on a prospective basis. Whether you like to write about travel, home mortgages or have experience in writing website copy, there is a never-ending list of topics for a savvy writer.

Sell Your Used Items

The world of online recycling is a big and diverse market. Today, you can sell anything from clothing to furniture. If you have items in your house that are from name brand designers or in excellent used condition, consider selling them through sites like Poshmark or Thredup. If you have larger items like furniture or bicycles, post them on Craigslist. This is the most cliche of the 7 Creative Ways to Make Some Extra Cash but if you have extra stuff it is very effective.

Open an Online Business

When people hear the idea of opening an online business, they think that this will take a lot of start-up money and time but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can use your online presence to advertise services that you offer like your writing or cooking skills. You can also sell items that you like to do in your free time like knitting or pottery. If you have items you would like to sell, consider advertising on national sites like Etsy.

Register with a Company Offering Childcare/Eldercare Services

If you find yourself with time in the evenings, on weekends or maybe while your kids are in school, registering with a company or organization offering childcare or eldercare services can be a great way to earn extra cash while doing a great service for someone else. There are local and national companies that specialize in these services. Before registering find out if there are any qualifications required or if having access to a car is a must.

Become a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

If pets are your passion, consider registering with a company that offers pet sitting and/or dog walking services. Companies like Rover can match you with individuals in your area who are in need of boarding, dog walking or other services for their pets. In most cases, you can set your own prices for the services you are willing to offer and block out dates that you are unavailable.

Register with Cash Back Apps

Cashback apps are one of the easiest ways that you can make money while doing everyday shopping. For example, Swagbucks is an app that offers you cashback when you use their portal to enter a website to do your online shopping. They also offer you in-store cashback when you link your credit card to a particular store. Another site that provides a similar service is Ibotta. Other apps like GetUpside focus on providing cashback when visiting gas stations and sites like Checkout51 work with grocery stores to provide cashback. This is the quickest of the 7 Creative Ways to Make Some Extra Cash to get started with.

Trade-In Your Unused Electronic Items

Whether you have old phones or tablets in your home or books that your family has outgrown, looking online for places to trade in your items is a must since these items are just collecting dust lying around your house. If you are looking to sell your used electronics, you can head to your wireless phone provider or turn to sites like Gazelle. Another option is to check out the Amazon Trade-In Site. Amazon offers gift cards in exchange for your up-cycled items.

The key to making extra cash is being creative and finding something you enjoy. If going to the gym is your thing, consider becoming a certified instructor. Do you enjoy spending time at the pool? Why not get certified to become a lifeguard. The possibilities are endless.

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