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Six Experiential Bath Tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common complaints in the human population. Young and old, healthy and ill, everyone deals with dry skin at some point. Maybe it’s the climate, or genetics, or the result of allergies or the side-effect of a larger medical condition. Knowing these bath tips for dry skin is important because, sometimes, the skin dries out. Sometimes, a medical condition relates entirely to dry, itchy skin.

Moms have a million reasons to tackle dry skin for themselves, the kids, spouses, and family members. One of the best tactics in this chronic combat is bath time. A good moisturizing soak and the right routine can help nourish an entire body to prevent dry skin from head to toe. As someone who’s seen this ongoing process done first-hand, here are some experiential tips on how to use baths vs dry skin:

1. Shower First, Then Soak

Number one tip: Don’t use a moisturizing bath to get clean. While baths are useful to bathe little ones and can be used for cleanliness, washing and moisturizing are two different actions. Take a shower first and get totally clean. Then, to improve skin moisture, draw a moisturizing bath and soak in it for 15-30 minutes. It’s OK to re-up the hot water during a long soak.

Most importantly, don’t add soap to the bath. no bubble-bath, no body-wash, nor conditioner. Those will ultimately dry skin instead of moisturizing.

2. Warm, Not Hot Baths

Do not draw a scalding-hot bath. If your skin drastically changes color, the bath is too hot. Heat draws moisture out of the skin and can ultimately dry out the person bathing instead of providing moisture. Draw a bath that is comfortably warm, but not hot to the touch. When dipping your foot in, it can tingle but should not cause you to jump back.

3. Hydrate

Part of the moisturizing process is to help your body absorb water and deliver it to your skin and all other organs. Baths can also cause dehydration due to heat. To get the most moisturizing effect from a regular bath, it helps to drink a glass of water before and after the bath. If you’re inclined, a cool glass of water during the bath is refreshing as well.

4. Enhance Your Soak

Soaking in warm water can help your skin, but it’s better with a little enhancement. What you soak in can absorb into your skin and also coat your skin to trap absorbed moisture. Here are the best things we’ve tested at home and how they help to keep dry-skin troubles at bay. This is the fun part of these Bath Tips for Dry Skin.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salt is magnesium, which helps the body to absorb moisture. It absorbs through your skin even more effectively than consuming magnesium supplements. Your skin will be healthier because your body is using water more efficiently. You will crave more water.

Add two cups of epsom salts to your bath and stir them in until they dissolve completely. Epsom salt makes bath water tingle, and will make you thirsty. Drink plenty of water before and after an epsom salt bath.


Oils can provide moisture and coat your skin to trap moisture inside. Soaking in a bath with moisturizing oils regularly can improve skin health and appearance.

Almond OIl, Olive Oil, and Coconut OIl are the three best bath-additives. Almond is the most affordable. Add 1/4 Cup oil to any bath and allow to mix. It will coat your skin and make it feel soft.


Oatmeal for a bath is called “Colloidal Oatmeal” but also can be bought as “Oat Flour” and “Powdered Oatmeal”. It must be a fine powder to mix into the bath properly.

Add 1-2 cups Colloidal Oatmeal to a full-sized bath. Oatmeal helps moisturize your skin and is a micro-scrubbing agent. It can provide additional benefit if allowed to coat your skin when you get out of the bath. Oatmeal can feel slightly gritty in the bath and may need extra rinsing down, but is quite pleasant. Be careful with small children. Oatmeal makes the bath-water opaque

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs and bath oil gels vary depending on the manufacturer and ingredients. Those with soap can be pretty, but may ultimately provide drier skin. Those with shae butter and aloe may be more moisturizing. DIY bath bombs are more reliable because you know what’s in them and can purpose-build each recipe.

5. Exfoliate In the Bath

When you (or your child) is in the bath, exfoliate. We suggest natural luffa, which has a gentle scrubbing effect. Scrub the bath additives into your skin while removing dead skin and exfoliating. This will enhance the benefits of your bath additives and any skin that needs to be scrubbed will do so quite comfortably. You may immediately notice that your skin feels softer after scrubbing in the bath.

6. Pat Yourself Dry, Don’t Scrub

When you step out of the bath, gently pat yourself dry and towel-wrap long hair. Do not scrub-away the bath additives that stick to your skin, this is part of their benefit. Let yourself or your child air-dry if possible by laying a towel on a chair or bed.  What remains on the skin will help to trap moisture and promote good skin health. Be sure to shower again within 24 hours to rinse off any residue, but it is safe to bathe and re-coat immediately after.

7. Apply Moisturizer Immediately After

Finally, if you took a non-oily bath, it can be beneficial to lotion afterward. A quick bath, or even a bath with soap, can be made better for your skin with immediate lotioning. That will trap the moisture of the bath before it escapes through heat, and improve overall skin health.

If you took a lava-hot bath for personal reasons, immediate lotion can prevent the dry skin that a hot bath can cause. Oil in a hot bath can have a similar preventative-to-beneficial effect.

Taking baths and giving baths to your children is an essential part of being a mom. Sometimes. the best solution for itchy, dry skin, allergies, and skin conditions is to sit in a soothing bath and regularly soak skin in good things. With these tips, your family can fight dry skin with simple, affordable, and easy to repeat routines. If you have any questions about these Bath Tips for Dry Skin please send us a message, we’d love to hear from you!

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