It’s Time for Your Teen to Start Doing These 8 Things on Her Own

Filling Out Her Paperwork


Your teen is old enough to know the basics about her personal life (address, contact information, health issues, etc.). That means that she is more than capable of filling out her own paperwork at school or at the doctor’s office. Of course, if she has a few questions, she can always ask. However, she needs to know how to fill out paperwork and what questions she can expect to answer. Finishing paperwork for her does not prepare her for the future. After all, you can’t complete her future tests or college applications for her. Your teen needs to be able to handle it solo.


Finding and Returning Her Lost Items


Please stop helping your teen find her things that she’s misplaced or left behind. If she can’t find her socks or her favorite sweatshirt at the house, she needs to keep looking. If your teen forgets her book or homework at home, she needs to face the consequences of that. Yes, that could possibly mean a failure on an assignment but that is HER responsibility. It’s not on you to find and deliver them. It may seem kind of harsh, but it’s about personal accountability. It also will teach her that, even if she makes a mistake, she will make it through just fine. However, your teen will never learn that if you keep coming to the rescue.

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