10 Ways to Live a Happier, Healthier Life

We all want to feel better about ourselves, live a long full life, avoid diseases, be happy. But with the everyday stress of living in a big city, having a full time job, sometimes a side job, taking care of the house and the family, it just seems impossible to have some “me time” and take care of our bodies and minds. Don’t worry, we got you! We put together ten easy ways for you to take care of yourself and feel better, that you can incorporate right into your routine!

10. Sleep!

We don’t know why we need to sleep, we just know we really do! Disconnect from the internet at least an hour before going to bed.

Forget your phone, we know it’s hard! But it will make your mind relax and calm down. Read a book instead. Plan on having seven or eight hours of sleep every night, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and looking younger. Say goodbye to that tired face and those black circles under your eyes! Let your mind wonder with positive, good thoughts when you lay your head on your comfy pillow… and have a good night.

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