5 Easy Tips to Help You Get the Best Sleep Every Night

Many people get so caught up in waking early and going to work or taking care of their families, they don’t spend nearly enough time sleeping. In the beginning, you might be able to get away with sleeping less. Eventually, however, you can end up turning into a zombie. You won’t be able to think clearly when you’re functioning on less sleep. So, if you are running on empty, here are five easy tips to help you get the best sleep every night.

It’s not a healthy idea to take medications to help you sleep for any length of time. In fact, some come with serious side effects. So, you need to find healthy alternatives that work for you in the long-term. Getting a solid eight hours undisturbed rest can do a lot to help you have a great day. Here are five simple things you can do to get the best sleep every night.

  1. Fight Overstimulation with Earplugs and Eye Masks

One of the main reasons you can’t go to sleep is because you’re overstimulated. So, limit the amount the stimulation you get from your surroundings by using earplugs and/or an eye mask. Just make sure that you don’t push the earplugs too deeply into your ears or you can end up damaging your eardrums.

  1. Why Your Mom Was Right About Drinking Warm Milk

Many people swear by warm milk at bedtime to help them get the best sleep possible. And research has also shown that this is a soporific. Besides, milk is generally good for your health too, so there’s no harm in drinking it.

  1. Brew Up Some Herbal Tea

If you’re lactose intolerant or you just don’t like the taste of warm milk, you can try some warm herbal tea before bed. A soothing blend such as chamomile can be particularly helpful in helping you get the best sleep each night.

  1. Cut Out the Screen Time

Just looking at television, computer and smartphone screens is harsh on your eyes. And, that kind of light can prevent you from going to sleep until you are appropriately relaxed. For instance, if you’re watching an action-oriented TV show, your mind will be even more active right before bed.

So, shut off the electronics at least one hour before going to bed. Try reading a book, calling a friend, journaling or doing a crossword puzzle instead.

  1. Create a Bedtime Routine

Do the same things each night before sleeping to create a bedtime routine. This routine will signal your body it’s time to sleep. So, start dimming your lights an hour or two before bed. This gets your eyes and your body feeling relaxed. Turn your blankets down and fluff up your pillows. Make a cup of tea or do some simple stretches.

There are many healthy options to help you get get the best sleep on a regular basis. Try out a few of these until you hit upon something that works for you. Get creative and find what works just for you. You may be surprised at how well you sleep and feel as a result.

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