How to Create a Home Atmosphere of Mindfulness and Wellness

When it comes to mindfulness and wellness, it is often difficult to find a place to meditate or relax. But there are simple steps to making your most intimate home spaces more comfortable and spiritually sound. You can spark your senses and affect the overall atmosphere in your home by adding just a few items.

Light Some Candles

The natural glowing light of a candle is much warmer than the artificial light people often experience. So transform a space by switching the lights off and filling it with candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Use fire safety practices and save on electricity. For even more safety, use electric or solar candles instead of real flamed ones. Adding a glowing light encourages meditation, mindfulness, and wellness.

Try a Sage Smudge or Incense

Sage smudging is an ancient healing and spiritual tradition. People believe the smoke of the burning sage cleanses the energy of all it surrounds. To activate and cleanse the energy in a room, simply light the smudge stick and fan to produce smoke. Use a decorative tray or seashell to catch the ash. Craft your own smudge stick with home-grown sage and cotton string or find them prepackaged in stores or online.

Incense is another simple way to change the energy in your home to encourage mindfulness and wellness. The strong scent will instantly enhance the atmosphere. Be sure to choose a scent you are fond of and try out a few different types to see what smells the best.

Use Crystals and Himalayan Salt Lamps

Crystals and Himalayan salt lamps are a nice way to cleanse the energy in your home without the use of fire or smoke. Crystals, such as quartz and amethysts are known for their healing properties to promote mindfulness and wellness. Similarly, salt lamps cleanse the atmosphere by attracting and releasing water molecules in the air. This process acts as a filter for microscopic pollutants such as dust and other allergens.

With these few additions, you will be on your way to creating your own spiritual bliss. To find these items, just look in your local gift shop, retail stores, or shop online. By cleansing the energy in your home, and by filling it with glowing light and natural aromas, you will enhance your overall well-being.

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