9 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Your Stress, Too

Life can be hectic and full of stress with work, school, family, or whatever you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. As such, it’s essential to simplify the way you live as much as possible to ease all those tensions. Many methods exist, so the more of them you can implement in your life, the happier you’ll be. So, keep reading to learn nine ways to simplify your life.

1. Declutter

According to Psychology Today, clutter can lead to feeling overwhelmed and anxious, increasing your daily stress. To help ease your mind, get in the habit of putting things away such as clothing, dishes, papers, or whatever else is cluttering your space. Keep open shelves and tabletops neat with fewer decorator items on each surface. Clearing your living space is a great way to simplify your life.

2. Learn to Say No

Often, it’s difficult to say no when friends and family need your help with something. But taking on more tasks than you can comfortably handle means you’re not able to give your best to anyone. So, let people know when your schedule is full, which will simplify your life. And then wish them well in finding someone else to help with their project.

3. Decrease Your Online Time

Unsubscribe from all those groups and advertisements you don’t need to ease the amount of email you have to deal with every day. Also, limit your time on social networks. These places are fabulous for connecting with friends. But, they can also be full of tension and stress you don’t need in your life.

4. Spend Time with Friends and Family in Person

No online interaction can match spending time with your friends and family in real life. So, set up a recurring lunch date or movie night once a week. Plan shopping trips, short vacations, outdoor excursions, or anything to get you out of the house. One was to simplify your life with ease is to stay away from the electronic devices everyone has become so exposed to daily.

5. Keep Lists

With all the tasks you need to do and remember, things can quickly become hard to keep straight. This clutters your mind, causing a lot of stress. So, make lists of any projects you need to complete and items you need to pick up at the store. Write down the appointments you’ve made, or anything else that’s creating tension because it’s too much to keep track of in your life.

6. Neutralize Your Space

In an article at Very Well Mind, research suggests that color has a powerful effect on physiology. Try changing your decor to neutral colors that won’t over stimulate your brain. White, beige, and light gray are excellent choices. Also, if you have a favorite color that makes you feel good, accent your space with a few items in that color.

7. Find Quiet Time

Everyone needs time by themselves to regenerate their mind and body. Try to find at least 30 minutes a day when you can relax and experience total quiet. But, be sure to turn off the ringer on your phone as well as the television and the computer. Don’t talk or even listen to music. Merely enjoy the silence.

8. Eat Better

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reports a healthier diet can help you deal with stress. Reduce the high-fat comfort foods that you’re in the habit of grabbing when you’re feeling tense or unhappy. Eating a diet that contains more fruits and vegetables will make you healthier and better able to deal with anxiety. It is surprising how eating healthier can simplify your life.

9. Spend Time Outdoors

Nature has an excellent way of making people feel light and stress-free. Being in the fresh air and wide-open spaces will nurture your spirit and give you a new perspective. Escaping from the rush of the city for a bit can help you release your pent-up stress. Also it helps you to prioritize what’s important, and this will simplify your life.

Whenever you can, use these tips to simplify your life. You’ll reap the benefits by feeling more in control and less tense. And you’ll better able to face your day. Once you learn how to take care of yourself properly, you’ll be able to live a longer, happier, and healthier life, too.

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