Practical Parenting Advice: How to Boost Your Child’s IQ

When it comes to the best parenting advice to boost your child’s IQ or intelligence quota, most experts suggest educating your children. Researchers say teaching critical thinking skills is a key method for boosting IQs in children and adolescents.

However, the current education system discourages critical thinking and free thought. But even if you send your children to public school, you have more power than you realize to encourage innovative thinking.

Stay Out of Lecture Mode

Experts suggest parents avoid addressing their children in a lecture mode. Instead, ask more questions and offer fewer answers. Listen carefully to what your child is saying without interrupting them. Stay calm and be firm, yet fair, too. By allowing them to express themselves, you can boost your child’s IQ easily.

Turn Off the Electronics

Videos, games and television programs tend to give children answers instead of encouraging them to consider the possibilities. By turning off the electronics, your children find ways to explore the world. They become curious and inquisitive, too. But many television shows and videos they gear for children push conformist thinking.

And these shows encourage children to figure out what the authority figures want them to think, say or do. Also, more young people tell white lies because they think it will please their parents, peers or people in authority. So, to boost your child’s IQ, enable them to leave the smartphones and other electronics behind sometimes. And, encourage independent thinking in your children.

Offer Positive Reinforcement

When your child uses logic and finds unconventional solutions, praise them. Withhold correction or judgment until you consider their creative solution to a problem. Is it “wrong,” or simply different? Also, let your child know adults who are smart and in authority sometimes make mistakes, too. A positive atmosphere is the fastest, simplest way to boost your child’s IQ naturally.

Some Final Thoughts on How to Boost Your Child’s IQ

Other easy ways to boost your child’s IQ includes providing good nutrition and encouraging reading at a young age. Do activities that create attachment bonds at an early age and keep your child actively engaged. It is not difficult to raise your child’s IQ. All it takes is a little time, effort and imagination, and your child will flourish.

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