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5 Fun Family Projects to Do in Your Home Garden

If your home garden appears to be a bit lackluster, here are some fun gardening projects that the family can do together to spruce things up. Not only will this allow the kids to get some time in the sunshine,  but it will also improve the curb appeal of your home. Gardening is a great skill for kids of any age to learn, and by introducing them to the world of gardening, they may gain a new hobby.

  1. Start a Small Space Vegetable Garden

If outdoor space is limited, but fresh vegetables are on the checklist of projects, small space vegetable gardens are perfect. There are varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers that thrive in pots. These are ideal for patios, decks, or other small spaces.

Kids can help by choosing the fruits and vegetables to plant and filling the pots with dirt. Once in, they can regularly water the plants to keep them alive. Check with the local garden nursery to find which varieties grow best in small spaces.

  1. Plant a Flower Garden

Planting a flower garden is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of the outside of your home. If your property is overloaded with weeds, the kids can help clear them out to prepare for flowers. They can help choose the flowers that would look great on the property, too. Also, they can decide on the best location and placement within the garden bed. And spreading mulch using rakes to keep weeds at bay is a great task for older kids.

  1. Build and Paint Birdhouses

Providing a place where birds can live is a fun project for kids and parents. If you’re extra handy, you can build the birdhouse from scratch. If you prefer to go the premade route, you can find kits at craft stores. Using exterior paint allows kids to use their creativity to paint the house however they like.

Once the houses are dry, they can be placed outside in strategic locations that are ideal for birds to build nests. Watching the birds nest will provide educational entertainment for the family throughout the season.

  1. Create Raised Garden Beds

When planting vegetables and flowers directly into the ground, combating weeds is one of the biggest problems. But building a raised garden bed is a great option to keep those pesky weeds at bay while enjoying a beautiful garden. You can build raised beds from raw materials such as cedarwood.

Also, premade plastic and metal options are available on the market. Remember, raised beds are ideal for those with back problems as they are high off the ground. Raised beds are a great option for kids, too. They can help build the bed and learn some great skills using tools.

  1. Do Some Rock Painting on a Rainy Day

A perfect craft for a rainy summer day is painting rocks to place in the garden. And it is a fun activity for kids to do. Allow the kids to go outside and choose the rock they want to paint. It could be a small pebble or a larger stone. Whatever they choose will be great to add variety to the garden.

Purchase a variety of paints safe for outdoor use to allow the kids to show off their creativity. Once the paint is dry, have the kids to place the stones in the garden and throughout the landscape. The stones will add a pop of color and uniqueness.

These five family project in the home garden can help your child learn to love nature. Also, it will help kids learn to work with their hands and use their imagination. But best of all, it’s a great way for the whole family to have fun together while beautifying your yard.