9 Tips from Teachers for Parents Now Homeschooling

3. Make them solve their own issues as much as possible

I’m sure parents with multiple children are familiar with tattling, but here’s a pro-tip: Whenever a kid complains about another kid, the first thing out of my mouth is, “Did you talk to him/her?” Of course, this strategy encourages independent problem-solving… but an added bonus is sometimes, the problem MAGICALLY becomes not a big deal! This requires patients but is the most valuable tip from teachers for parents.

4. Clothing is often optional

This is another one you’re probably already aware of, but I find the need to warn you of the fact that I have had not one, but TWO students remove their pants at school. Both were at least eight years old. One nonchalantly took them off in the middle of an assembly. With the principal two feet away.

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