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9 Tips from Teachers for Parents Now Homeschooling

Many parents look forward to peace, quiet, and adult time when the kiddos go back to school. However, many are now juggling both work and childcare. Who would have the expertise to assist with this mind-boggling task? Teachers! Yes, we have been working with children for years, and we have some warnings- I mean tips- for parents! Here are my 9 Tips from Teachers for Parents Now Homeschooling:

1. Don’t turn your back

Many children find the oddest things entertaining. For example, taping a (hopefully dead) fly to their forehead, gouging a hole in the front of their desk with scissors (I still have no idea how that’s even possible), and, the favorite, intentionally irritating other children.

2. Keep ALL non-edible items out of reach

Everyone knows to keep tide pods and medications away from children, but there are many other things they will try to eat, including but not limited to: pens, pencils, gel window clings, cupcake wrappers, dead bugs, pieces of plastic… (TWICE. The same kid tried to eat plastic. Twice. And no, it was not a kinder or first grader.)

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