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18 Celebrity Nannies Tell All

7. Mick Jagger

Plenty of rock ‘n rollers have notorious reputations, but of them all, Mick Jagger’s might be the most adulterous.

His years of partying hard and swinging it like a star haven’t stopped (in fact, they’ve barely slowed down). According to his former nanny, it only took two days for Jagger’s moves to seduce her. At first, the interaction between Jagger and the new nanny didn’t bother his long-time girlfriend, Jerry Hall, but that quickly changed when things rapidly escalated beyond mere interest.

Apparently, when the new nanny, Claire Houseman, came to introduce herself, Jagger and his girlfriend were in a hotel room, on tour. Hall was sitting on the bed and Jagger had just stepped out of the shower. Houseman knocked on the door and Jagger answered it in the buff.

Hall was unfazed by the unusual introduction — this is Mick Jagger we’re talking about, after all, but that lack of concern didn’t last. Two days later, Jagger and Houseman had a little fun a couple rooms over while Hall slept peacefully about 30 feet away.

When she found out about their little escapade, Houseman was gone as quickly as she’d come.

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