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18 Celebrity Nannies Tell All

8. Kyle Martino

For something a little more wholesome after the Gosselin disaster, we look to sports commentator and former American soccer player Kyle Martino and his wife Eva Amurri.

The couple enlisted the help of a nanny to help keep their busy home in order. From what we know, the nanny had no complaints. In fact, her thoughts on the matter of working for Martino and Amurri were quite the opposite. When she left their household, it wasn’t of her own accord.

Whether the text was sent on a drunken whim or as part of a poorly-conceived plan to set up an affair, we’ll never really know. The couple’s nanny sent a message from a restricted number to Kyle’s phone reading: “OMG. Girl, did I mention to you how hot and sexy my Boss is. I would love to f**k his brains out hahaha.”

It wasn’t too difficult to trace the text back to the nanny’s phone. She tried to argue that it was sent to the wrong person, but nobody was buying that story. Out she went, and the crowds applauded for our upstanding gentleman.

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