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18 Celebrity Nannies Tell All

6. Rob And Sheryl Lowe

Time for another wholesome story to wrap up with. In the midst of all the scandals and infidelity, there are a few good men remaining under the bright lights of Hollywood, and Rob Lowe is one of them.

He and his wife Sheryl (née Berkoff) have been married since 1990, and by the looks of it, there’s nothing and no one who can come between them. That’s not to say that no one has tried. When the couple hired housekeeper Jessica Gibson, they had no idea what else they were getting as part of the package.

Gibson had a reputation for being a flirt, going so far as to drop the bottom half of her wardrobe in the middle of the Lowe’s kitchen in an attempt to woo male members of staff.

The couple decided they’d had enough and gave her the boot. In an effort to get even and hopefully gain some money out of the ordeal, Gibson filed a lawsuit against Rob for supposed inappropriate touching and harassment.

The legal action was short lived as Gibson admitted that she was just in it to make a couple hundred bucks that she felt the family still owed her.

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