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18 Celebrity Nannies Tell All

9. Kate Gosselin

The infamous mom-zilla from Jon and Kate Plus 8 is no charmer according to some of her former nannies. The woman whose firstborn twins and second-born set of sextuplets catapulted her and her husband into the spotlight apparently has a mean streak.

In spite of a house full of eight children, Kate demands a meticulously-kept and perfectly orderly household at whatever the cost. She’s been through over a dozen nannies, and two of them have come forward with an inside look at what goes on behind closed doors at the Gosselin household.

According to one of the family’s earlier nannies, Ariel Cantara, Kate was a nightmare to work for: “Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”

Her experience might have been a harrowing one from start to finish, but for one of the families last nannies, things were a little more fun, at least for a while.

Stephanie Santoro brought about a lot of changes to the Gosselin household. In particular, she found less entertainment in the kids and more in the bedroom with John. When Kate found out, John got kicked to the curb and Stephanie was handed the pink slip.

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