10 Designer Bags You Absolutely Need in Your Closet Right Now

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton

The Alma bag by Louis Vuitton has a long history. It was originally created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton in the 1930s and was believed to be made for Coco Chanel as a custom order. It was named for the Alma Bridge, a span that connects two Parisian neighborhoods. Today, the Alma bag has four sizes––the smaller Alma Mini and Alma BB and the somewhat larger Nano Alma and Alma PM. There are various designs and colors for this bag including the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram and Epi leather denim. This bag can range from the low $1000s to $7,350, depending on the size of the bag and the material chosen. The sleek and classy design of these bags makes it a perfect addition to your closet.

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