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Unique Holiday Gifts from Uncommon Goods

Unique Holiday Gifts from Uncommon Goods

Let’s be honest, does your friend, sibling, parent, or partner need yet another set of pajamas? How many socks, gift cards, or pieces of candy have you received for the holidays? Buying holiday gifts is hard. It’s even hard to buy gifts for those you know well! This guide is for you if you are like me and have struggled to find unique and meaningful gifts for the people on your holiday list. 

Instead of buying a classic holiday gift, buy something that shows you care. A unique gift shows that you put thought and effort into the process, and often, that’s all a gift needs. My favorite gifts aren’t the most expensive ones I’ve received; rather, they are the ones that show the most thoughtfulness. How can you show your thoughtfulness this holiday season? Well, you can start by checking out these extraordinary gifts from Uncommon Goods:

Yes, we have all received a lot of sugary food as gifts; however, there is a reason sweet treats have remained a holiday gift favorite. Sweets are good for the soul, and luckily enough, the gifts below are not only delicious but also unlike others you’ve experienced. 

Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Who doesn’t like fortune cookies? Fortune cookies are a Chinese takeout staple; however, this holiday season, they can also make a sweet and unique gift for anyone on your list. Whether your recipient is picky or not, who wouldn’t enjoy chocolate fortune cookies? These cookies are not standard fortune cookies; instead, they are misfortune cookies, delivering an unconventional spin on the idea and taste of the conventional kind. This unique gift not only tastes great but is sure to deliver some holiday cheer. 

Adopt-a-Maple Tree Gift Set

Are you or your gift recipient concerned about the environment? Well, this holiday season you can give a unique gift that tastes incredible and helps support both a family business and our planet. In my humble opinion, pure maple syrup makes everything taste better, and when you buy the Adopt-a-Maple Tree Gift Set, your person will receive not only a collection of luscious maple syrup but additionally a tree planted in their honor! Buy this to nourish and delight your gift recipient and our world. 

Book of Honey

You and your gift recipient may have received a book as a holiday gift, but I promise you have never received a book like this. If you want to get your person a truly special gift, this Book of Honey is for you. This book contains six unique, locally sourced, pesticide-free, and naturally exquisite gourmet honeys. This present is sure to surprise your person, and I promise it will be the tastiest book they receive this year!

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

I love coffee, and let me tell you, this unique coffee-inspired gift will turn anyone into a coffee lover! Good coffee costs a lot, and with this unique gift, you can give your recipient a gift that keeps on giving. This Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker will luxuriously caffeinate both coffee lovers and those soon to be. 

Whiskey Making Kit

How many bottles of wine or alcohol have been gifted to you in your life? Being 20, I can honestly answer none; however, for many adults, I assume the answer is many. Instead of buying someone alcohol, buy them the gift of an alcohol-making experience. Uncommon Goods carries a range of DIY alcohol kits, and this Whiskey Making Kit is a great option. Give your recipient a unique whiskey making experience and allow them to turn any bottle of vodka into their personally branded whiskey. 

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