The Must-Have Garment of the Summer Is…

Summer is an important season for personal fashion. Most vacations and social events happen during the summertime. The sweltering temperatures make it necessary to wear clothes that will keep the wearer cool.

There is one summer fashion item that is so versatile it can look just as good at the beach as in the boardroom. Every woman needs a white cotton dress in her summer wardrobe. 

The white cotton dress is perfect because white pairs well with all of the vibrant colors that are so popular in summer fashion. A white cotton dress will look great with those bright yellow, orange, or pink wedge sandals that so many women have lying in the back of their closets. Cotton is also the perfect fabric for the high temperatures of summer because cotton, a natural fiber, has properties that keep us cool.

Keep It Simple

The simple but chic Calvin Klein dresses shown below are a perfect representation of the summer cotton dress. White cotton dresses have a classic look to them. They are simple, and that is what makes them a fashion staple. A white cotton dress is a statement piece in its own right, but it can also be paired seamlessly with a bold necklace or a cool pair of shoes.

Dress It Up

Who says cotton can’t be fancy? Cotton is a blank canvas, and it can be adorned in such a way that it can be the perfect fabric of choice for an elegant evening. A white cotton dress will make anyone stand out from the crowd at a formal event.

The Tadashi Shoji evening gown, pictured below, has draping and sultry slits that make its wearer resemble a Grecian goddess. On the shoulder, there is a smattering of silver glitter that gives the dress an added touch of luxury and class.

Pictured next is a beautiful Saloni Olivia french lace white dress. At first glance, this dress may seem like a regular old cotton dress, but the intricate, delicate details of the lacing that covers the dress make it fashion-forward and very appropriate for formal events.

White cotton is an excellent textile for evening wear because accessories really make the look when it comes to formal fashion. With a white cotton backdrop, a woman can easily pair her favorite clutch of any color and a pair of diamond earrings. White cotton gives freedom to accessorize without worrying about clashing color schemes, and it looks amazing too!

Dress It Down

White cotton dresses are also perfect for casual occasions. They can be worn with sneakers or sandals just as easily as they can be worn with high heels. A white cotton dress makes a perfect swimsuit coverup, and it can also be a great choice for a quiet brunch with family. The fabric is naturally cooling, so it will be as comfortable as it is cute.

Cotton dresses are a fashion staple that are perfect for any occasion. The old fashion rule says not to wear white after Labor Day, so enjoy the white cotton dress while you still can this season!

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