3 Top Tips for Raising Your Son in the MGTOW Era

If you don’t spend a lot of time in the “manosphere,” you may feel befuddled by the MGTOW, which is short for Men Going Their Own Way. If you are raising your son in the MGTOW era, the best parenting advice is to teach him autonomy and self-reliance while still valuing the interdependence of the sexes. Men in the online movement say they reject the preconceptions about what it means to be a man.

Men in the manosphere say marriage and children are not every man’s dream. Some guys would rather contribute to science, math, arts or to the world of invention and ingenuity. So, read on to learn how to raise your son to be independent, yet follow his life goals.

Lead by Example When It Comes to Men

When you are out with your female friends for a lady’s night out, it’s not unusual to share frustrations about the opposite gender. But at home, don’t put down the entire male species in front of your children. Even having negative stereotypes and resentments toward men affect how you treat your sons. Raising your son to be balanced means showing him you have a positive view of the male species.

Raising Your Son to Have Self-Reliance

Members of Generation X remember getting jobs in high school and often paying their own way through college. However, millennials and members of Generation Z sometimes rely on their parents for economic support. So, encourage your son to earn money for chores or doing odd jobs for neighbors, such as mowing lawns. But you can connect a sense of responsibility to others by asking your son to contribute to charitable donations or help people in need of assistance.

Teach Your Son to Show Appreciation

When your son grows up to be a man, he will be like many other men in the world who want to feel appreciated. Men work for money and prestige as well as the gratification of knowing they helped others who needed them. Experts say men are less likely to cheat on their wives when they feel appreciated and don’t feel resentful. Even if modern women don’t want men to open their car doors, raising your son means teaching proper etiquette. And, show appreciation whenever he helps or contributes.

Some Final Words on Raising Your Son in the MGTOW Era

Perhaps you will never fully understand if your son wants to “go his own way,” by swearing off marriage and children. But, you can teach him to respect and cherish women. Make sure you also talk to your boyfriend or spouse, so he knows the importance of modeling healthy relationships in front of your son. When it comes to raising your son or even your daughter, mutual respect goes a long way in parenting well.

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