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Self-Care Tips for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Although there are many reasons as to why an individual might experience panic attacks and/or excessive levels of anxiety, one factor that continuously emerges is simply excess stress. In this article, we will outline some simple tips for self-care that might seem subtle but can help an individual experience a significant decrease in their anxiety level.

B Vitamins – Take Some

When a person is often dealing with panic attacks and/or excessive anxiety levels, it can overtax their central nervous system.  A high-quality B-vitamin complex pill, when taken regularly, can help individuals support their overworked nervous system by providing the necessary vitamins required by our brain and nerves. Talk to your physician or find a good nutritionist who can help you select a quality brand. Many health food stores also have trained staff that can help you select an effective vitamin line.

Avoid Excess Sugar, Alcohol, and Caffeine

Sugar, alcohol, and caffeine all help to deplete what group of vitamins? You guessed it: Vitamin B, which, as we just learned, is essential for a healthy nervous system. Needless to say, caffeine stimulates our nervous system, as well is responsible for those morning jitters tens of millions of people experience. For people who already feel jittery and shaky from excess anxiety, adding caffeine to the mix can only increase their feelings of nervousness.

Rediscover Hot Baths

So many people, especially over-stressed individuals, feel lucky if they even have time for a quick shower, let alone a luxurious bath. However, taking time for a relaxing, hot bath can provide some temporary self-care. It can also help a person fall asleep faster and provide a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Heat relaxes tense muscles by easing the aches and pains that come with chronically tense muscles. Taking a hot bath on a regular basis is an inexpensive way to help the body and, therefore, the mind, calm down and unwind.

Professional Massage

Although a massage is more expensive, for an individual who is really struggling with panic attacks and/or high anxiety, a regular professional massage can really help eliminate stress from the body. Almost everyone feels like a million bucks after receiving a professional massage. While you are dealing with excess stress, a professional massage may very well offer you the calmness and strength you need to carry on.

What If? – A Positive Mind Game

It is not uncommon for individuals to have difficulty getting to sleep when they have excess anxiety. The mind seems to focus on worries and issues, making sleep elusive if not impossible. The next time you are laying there waiting for sleep to arrive, make a conscious choice to focus on positive, pleasant thoughts. A fun, mental, self-care game to play is the positive “what if” game. Instead of obsessing or worrying, ask yourself something like: what if you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?! Really get into the fantasy. Think about how you would feel if you could help your family members with financial gifts or build the dream home you’ve always wanted.

You could also think about the places you could travel, and imagine yourself being there. For some, winning the lottery might not be their ideal fantasy. Perhaps, for you, thinking about how much pleasure a favorite activity brings is enjoyable and relaxing. The point is to focus on thinking about activities, events, people, or pets that give you positive warm feelings. Falling asleep comes much easier when a person feels relaxed and happy.

Goodbye Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Hello Self-Care

Experiencing excess anxiety and/or panic attacks is often your body’s way of telling you that you are pushing yourself too hard.  Be kind to yourself. Include some pampering habits that will help your body relax in order to successfully cope with your daily lifestyle.