How to Downsize Your Suitcase When You Travel

We have all seen that person in the airport, the one with a huge tote on one shoulder, a backpack slung over the other, and in each hand, one gigantic suitcase dragging behind them. Not only does this look horrendously cumbersome, but imagine the backaches. And the idea of spending any of travel time waiting at the luggage carousel is not what anyone has in mind for their vacation.

Some trips warrant that kind of luggage, such as moving cross-country. Relocating all of your worldly possessions rarely fits into one cute little carry-on suitcase. But generally speaking, most of us travel for at the most two weeks. And that is actually doable in carry-on luggage only.

Yes You Can: Downsize Your Suitcase When You Travel

1. What to Pack

You really don’t need three separate outfits per day. Even when traveling to events like weddings, you can manage to travel with a carry-on suitcase and a tote. And that’s not too bad. The key is making sure to choose individual pieces that mix and match to create different outfits.

2. What Not to Pack

Possibly even more important than what to take is what to leave behind. Will those black boots work with your leggings and your jeans and that skirt? Then there’s no need to bring the grey ones too. And by all means, wear those bulky boots onto the plane instead of packing them.

3. How to Pack

Eagle Creek packing cubes are a great tool to help you downsize your suitcase. Into one full-size cube, you can fit four short-sleeve tees, two long-sleeve tees, one button-down shirt, one lightweight sweater, and one pair of leggings. And that’s almost all of the clothing you need. Whether you fold or roll your clothes, you can fit more into the cube than you can without it. You can even fit socks or underwear into the empty little spaces.

4. The One Area Not to Skimp On

Truthfully, if you need to spend some space on a category, pick accessories.  The same lightweight sweater and leggings can look completely different with boots and a belt and a statement necklace than it does with a scarf and flats.

5. Downsize Your Toiletries

There is no need to bring the entire eight ounces of shampoo for your four-day weekend.  First, the hotel might have some anyway and second, you really shouldn’t need more than one ounce for four days. So, decant everything you can into reusable little bottles and you have probably saved all kinds of space right there.

One of the best travel hacks you can put into practice is to use your accumulation of spare contact lens cases. You can fit about a week’s worth of face cleanser into one side and about a week’s worth of face moisturizer into the other side.

Multi-use can cut your toiletry bag almost in half.  A little half-case of argan balm can replace eye cream, lip balm, brow gel, cuticle cream and more.

6. Technology Tips to Downsize Your Suitcase Even More

Lots of us are admittedly more passionate about skincare than about technology. However, it’s great that a dual-purpose plug can charge both your smartphone and your tablet simultaneously with their own cords.

7. Watch Out for Those Miscellaneous Items

It seems that there is always something random that has to be packed for each trip.  But tucking those items inside a shoe or into the extra space of your packing cube can save precious inches.

Downsize Your Suitcase and Reap the Benefits

So think through your packing list carefully next time you travel. That way, you can get right to the fun instead of waiting for your suitcase.

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