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How to Stay Sane and Organized This Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of love, laughter, twinkling lights and food. Yet there are a lot of items that need organization. But the good news is, with these five tips, you can stay sane and organized this holiday season. So, keep reading to find out how to have a bit more in control, so you will have far less holiday stress this year.

  1. Make Your List and Check It Twice

With new products out on store’s shelves immediately following Halloween, you may be tempted to start purchasing new houseware items and decor right away. Instead of overbuying, make an inventory of all the items you already have for the holidays. Take stock of your wrapping paper, bows, Christmas lights, and place settings. Once you know what you have, you can shop smart and only buy what you need.

  1. Clear Out the Christmas Clutter

As you take inventory of all the items you have, start clearing out items you no longer use. Some Christmas decorations get buried behind old clothes and boxes in the back of closets. So, take this time to donate all your unused items to charity and organize your storage so that it is clear and accessible.

  1. Automate Your Holiday Cards

During the holidays, you may become overwhelmed trying to make sure all your relatives and friends receive their Christmas cards. Create a spreadsheet with everyone’s addresses, so that when you are ready to start sending cards out, you miss no one. Also, add a column for gift ideas if you plan to send packages to these recipients, as well.

  1. Make Your Menus

As you start planning holiday parties or dinners, create menus for each event. That way, you won’t miss any key ingredients in your holiday dishes. Make a master grocery list of everything you need, as well as a list of dishes other people can bring to each event. That way, you will be able to alleviate the amount of cooking you need to do.

  1. Plan Your Shopping Trips

Shopping during the holiday season is often chaotic and stressful. So, rather than stumbling around the stores trying to find every gift you need, make a plan of attack. Create a list of all the stores you need to go to or websites you need to make purchases. Under each store, write down which gifts you will buy there.

Try to only make one trip to each store to save you time. Also, make only one purchase from each website to save on shipping costs. You can also make an envelope specifically for coupons you can take with you to save on all your holiday purchases.

The holidays are the perfect season to cook flavorful meals, decorate your home, and spend quality time with friends and family. By using these organizational tips, you can spend less time frantically planning and more time enjoying the true meaning of the season.