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Halloween on a Budget: 3 Fun and Easy DIY Costume Ideas

Whether you’re a single-child family, or more like the mom wrangling an entire soccer team, Halloween can be hectic with little ones. Every year you feel the pressure. You have to come up with a unique costume idea the tiny people want to wear, without spending a fortune on one-time wearables. So here are three great DIY costume ideas for those on a budget.

1. The Mummy

The Mummy is more of an iconic movie classic, but it’s easy to convince your kids to be traditional villains. So, have fun with it. You can make use of old sheets, to shred ad wrap over thermals. Get creative and buy giant rubber beetles and roaches to glue on to create a rotting effect.

2. Morticia and Gomez Addams

Everyone loves the creepy Addams Family movies and TV show. For this DIY costume, all you need is a black dress and some sultry eye make-up. Next, add a wig to create a charming little Morticia.

Recycle your son’s suit from a past formal event by adding some pinstripes. Paint a tiny mustache on his upper lip, add a hat, and you have a handsome Gomez.

3. Punk Rocker

Dig into your closet or local thrift shop to resurrect some of those ’90s favorites. A jean jacket, an old concert tee-shirt, and a dog chain collar are great punk rocker accessories. Invest in a crazy colored wig or neon hair spray. Paint the eyes and draw on some fake tattoos with your old eyeliner.

Bust out the video game guitar. With this DIY costume, you may even get to introduce your kids to some of your old Joan Jett favorites.

Don’t stress this Halloween about costume ideas. Avoid the party stores and expensive online ads and create your child’s DIY costume. Just get crafty and put some things around your house to good use. Get your kids involved in helping and enjoy some costume-making fun.

Before you know it, Halloween will be over, and you’ll be sorting through that mountain of candy with your kids. You’ll be glad you saved some money on costumes with the holidays fast approaching.