How to Create a Gender Neutral Bedroom for Your Child

If you are thinking about redecorating a child’s bedroom for the New Year, the question often arises about gender neutral decorating schemes. The best home and garden tips won’t tell you what will make your child feel more at home. Most people don’t put male and female siblings together in a room, but it is possible your children switch bedrooms often enough that it doesn’t pay to have a purely “girl” or “boy” theme.

The best answer is to ask your child how he or she would like to decorate the room. Getting a child’s input over something such as room décor is a good way to introduce choices. Of course, if you plan to list your home for sale, rely on professional home and garden advice for optimal selling strategies. However, when selling, a unisex style often helps.

Creating a Gender Neutral Room for a Girl

A girl’s room does not need to have pink walls and pink bedspreads to be attractive. Consider your daughter’s interests, hobbies and personal tastes, instead. Ask your daughter if she likes other wall colors like green, which makes many people relax. Orange and red tend to stimulate energy while yellow often lifts spirits.

Add interesting curtain, fabric and rug patterns like plaids and polka dots for interest. Some nice touches include a small dressing table, a colorful headboard, a comfortable chair and desk for studies. Embellish with rugs, décor items, framed art and drapes.

Creating a Gender Neutral Room for a Boy

For your boy’s room, pack the room with your son’s personality. Use colorful maps for wallpaper, striped bedding and comfortable bean bag chairs. And just as for a girl’s room, also include a desk with proper lighting as well as bookshelves. In your son’s room, provide ample storage space including vertical storage on the walls or tucked inside the smart furnishings.

Although it’s good to have a bright and happy child’s room, the bedroom is where children sleep at night. Reserve the brighter colors for the playroom, while making the bedroom a quiet retreat for restful sleep. By using a gender neutral decorating scheme, your child can grow into their room instead of out of it.

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