Smart Yet Simple Tips for Bouncing Back to Work After Baby

Congratulations, you’re a mom. Perhaps you’ve got a job to go back to or have picked up a new one. And it’s coming right as you’ve bonded with your new baby who has been your priority for the past few months. So, while you’ve enjoyed your time as a new parent, you also have to get back to reality and provide for your bundle of joy. If you aren’t sure how to get back to work after baby, read on to learn some helpful tips.

Tips for Nursing Moms

If you are a nursing mother, going back to work after baby is particularly challenging, so:

  • Invest in a breast pump, so you can save your milk while at work. Then, you can give it to your baby later or leave it at home, so others can feed baby when you’re at work.
  • If you have a break or lunch, make use of a bathroom or even your car if you would like to have some privacy.
  • Pack a few nipple pads to avoid wardrobe malfunctions when you start to leak.

Learn to Manage Your Time

Avoid volunteering for overtime in the beginning. Your body is getting back to the hustle and your baby is getting accustomed to you not being there. It’s a new and stressful time for both of you, so until you find your workflow, keep a schedule that works for everyone. Returning back to work after baby is exhausting, especially at first. So, make sure to get as much rest as you can.

Plan Ahead

Even before you plan on going back to work after baby, make sure you know where your little one is going to be. Some parents look for caregivers before their baby is born or before even signing the adoption papers. Many places have waitlists and it can take weeks or months to get in if you miss a window of opportunity.

Talk to Your Employer

Be honest with your current employer about having a new baby in the house. Let them know that while you don’t expect it to interfere with your work, in the unlikely event there is an emergency, you will have to go. This is also good for the employer to know just in case you have to call in late due to being in the emergency room all night with a sick child. Going back to work after baby demands more flexibility on you and your employer’s part.

Find a Support System

Get your support system in place with your friends, siblings, parents and whoever else you can trust with your child. So, before going back to work after baby, you will need to find people who are:

  • Willing to be on your daycare list.
  • Free to take your little one in case you have to pull an extra shift.
  • Can be on standby in case your first choice has to cancel for whatever reason.
  • Is available in a sudden emergency or unexpected situation.

Holding down a job is hard, especially when you have little ones to raise. So, when you are having a baby, be sure to plan ahead, so you’ll have all the help you need. All it takes is a little time and effort.

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