5 Perfect Adventures for Toddlers

Zoos & Aquariums

While a big zoo might overwhelm even the most animal-crazy kid, many areas have smaller, more intimate zoos and aquariums. What might seem underwhelming to an adult can be just the right experience for a toddler. And like museums, you can usually find something that’s just right for your little one – a petting area or an aquarium’s touch tank.

By the time your little one reaches the “terrible twos”, you may feel nostalgic for those newborn days. Not that caring for an infant is easy – they need to eat every few hours, and taking them anywhere requires hauling a bag stuffed full of diapers and burp cloths. But a toddler presents their own challenges.

Toddlers are learning how to declare their independence, and they practice all the time. Getting out the door can be tough when your child resists getting dressed, refuses to get in their car seat, or wants to do everything by themselves (no matter how long it takes). Still, you both need to get out of the house sometimes, which means finding excursions that are both worth the effort and not overwhelming for a toddler.

Here are 5 ideas for adventures you and your toddler can enjoy together (once you finally get out the door):

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